Don’t follow the sheep!

I think I forgot to mention that I gave up on online dating. It felt too shallow and disgusting to me. The writer in me couldn’t cope with the complete lack of originality shown in the men’s profiles:

Just looking to see what’s out there. New to online dating.
And yet you’re on every dating site available, and you have been for years and years? Do I look like I was born yesterday? At least own it.
Outdoorsy, love live music and camping out. New to town–have been here two months. My kids are my world. No drama, no crazy people.
How about I just offer you some sexual favors without asking for anything in return? Would that be drama-free and crazy-free enough for you? Not. Happening. 
My mom thinks I’m funny. 
Oh, honey. God bless you. I’m at a loss.
Yes, I can reach the highest shelf. I’m looking for a real connection, not just a hookup. Laid back and appreciates the simple things. 
Do you enjoy the simple things in life, sheep?
Baa. Baa. 
Okay, good answer. Go ahead and jump off that cliff. 
So… I just couldn’t handle it. Not one man had anything remotely unique to say. Nothing. The writer in me felt disgusted and turned off by it all. See, we writers view everything as a writing prompt. When others see it as a way to enter a bland sentence with no meaning, it destroys part of my soul.
This was a while ago, I think within the past week. (I’m terrible with time.)
Oh. I encountered my brother on the dating site. This happens every time I join one. I feel worried for him and sad for him, though. He’s been burned so many times that, for a while now, he’s been using dating sites to just call women out on their BS as soon as he meets them. Then he posts a screenshot on facebook. Here’s an example:
No photo description available.
A woman’s asking him about his career, and he assures her that if she knows the answer, she’ll ghost him. She keeps asking.
So you can tell there that he knows if he’s honest, she’s going to drop him like a hot potato. It makes me sad for him. He’s a truck driver, and a very successful one. He majored in philosophy at my alma mater and never liked office work. Here’s another one:
Image may contain: text that says 'Wi-Fi 5:24 PM < Olivia OLIVIA SUPER LIKED YOU ON 8/18/20 Hey would you buy me wishlist? gift off my https:/ s/3DQ2PF6P10COS?ref =w share What about me also have a wishlist Well if you buy me something you get the privilege to talk to me Sounds terrible What if say please Sent Type a message GIF Send'
A woman begs him to buy her a present from her Amazon wish list. He calls her out on it, but she keeps begging.

He posted one that was genuinely funny, though.

No photo description available.
A woman thinks my brother’s a shaggy dog.

I always laugh along on facebook to support my brother, but I can tell he’s unhappy and lashing out at everyone in the dating world. Not that I blame him. He’s been badly burned too often. I think he’s a true romantic, which is sad.

I’m still going to find a wonderful significant other! I can feel it!!

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