A freefall into dietary failure!

I’ve taken some measures to “force” myself to follow a certain diet. Namely, I spent a small fortune on grocery items from Amazon that should keep me on the straight and narrow. Oddly enough, it seems to be working so far. But what I have to commit to is never going to the local pastry shop, the local cafe, the local ice cream shop, or the local drugstore (for food). (Yeah, for seriousness, they’re all right around the corner, and my house is the second one up the street.)

So here’s what I’ve gotten to eat, en masse:

  • More Kodiak Cakes waffle mix, in almond sesame seed, strawberry chocolate chip, and peanut butter. I was running out of all of them.

Oh, hold on. The doggie wants to go out.

Okay, I’m back. Anyway, the I make the waffles as my main meal. I also got a new waffle iron that cooks all the waffles for one meal at once! I was getting tired of spending twenty-five minutes making my waffles, which becomes impossible if I’m truly hungry.

For smaller meals and snacks, I bought:

  • Kodiak cups, which you microwave, and the contents become a muffin or a brownie.
  • Lara bars in several different flavors. I only like them frozen, so they’re all in the freezer. They seem ridiculously healthy because they’re made with two to five ingredients per flavor. They’re naturally sweetened with dates.
  • A gajillion packs of peanut butter crackers by Keebler. Whenever I have a salt craving that would otherwise send me to the drugstore to buy Pringles, Baked Lays, ice cream, Oreos, and who knows what else, I’m now turning to the reasonably low-cal packs of toasty peanut butter crackers. An added bonus here is that my dad tried them and didn’t like them. More for me! He also believes, and this is rather snarky of him, that I’m going to binge-eat them. It hasn’t happened so far.

I have fond memories of lunchtime during summer breaks from school as a kid. In middle school, my mom would give me one package of peanut butter crackers, a small bag of chips (Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, sour cream and onion potato chips…), a Little Debbie dessert, and a fruit box drink. I have fond memories of spending the entire summer watching Little House on the Prairie (a show I no longer approve of), playing Super Mario Brothers 2, and eating those wonderful lunches!

My mom is actually a gourmet cook. Her dinners were amazing. I just loved the snacky lunches!

Today so far, I’ve eaten the waffles for dinner, two Lara bars, and one cup. Then I’ll eat some peanut butter crackers as a late-night snack, and it might actually be a weight-loss day. Go me! I’m also trying to go to the gym often and do my treadmill routine.

Seriously, as soon as I get food from anywhere but my kitchen, I’m screwed. There’s no slippery slope for me. It’s more of a freefall into dietary failure. If I consciously want to add foods to choose from that I believe are healthy enough, that’s fine. But if I go to the pastry shop and buy a bagel… and a cookie… and a cinnamon-pretzel twist… that’s so not fine. So I’ve got to stick to it, and then I can be successful.

There’s something comforting about having a kitchen filled with snacks! Buying peanut-butter crackers in bulk was a stroke of genius. They’ll satisfy my salt-tooth and prevent major late-night bingeing at the drug store.

However, every time I come up with a solid plan of attack, something goes wrong. I know I’m going to get candy for the 3-day novella event over Labor Day weekend, but that’s not going to kill my diet. Something else will, though. I swear, I can’t lose weight to save myself! Ugh. But that never stops me from trying! Go Meg, go!



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