Milky Way - Sorry / Parachute - (2015) :30 (USA) | AdlandI figured it would be fun to write a lighthearted post about my regrets in life! Because, why not? Milky Way candy, who owns the copyright to the above image, got it right with that tattoo ad! If someone tattooed “NO REGERTS” on my arm, I’d be pretty miffed! 😀

Okay, so, my first regret involves my mom’s house. When I was fourteen, my siblings and I lived with her in a rental home in our then-neighborhood of Crescent Hill. Wonderful neighborhood. One day when my dad was driving me home from his place, I randomly asked him to go up a different street on a whim. We passed a for-sale sign, and I told my mom about it, and she got on the phone and put in an offer. There were already competing offers at this point, but her offer won, and we got the house. This was late in 1991.

I loved that house! Oh, I still miss it. She sold it, ironically enough, to an organization that houses schizophrenics in the community. (This is ironic, because I later became schizophrenic.) I don’t remember exactly when she sold it, but it was the early 2000s, so I was just graduating college (class of 2000) or it was a few years after.

Here’s my deep and abiding regret: that house came with large, completely spherical (in a rough sense), non-broken-up geodes. They were huge, and they were awesome, and they were valuable. I should’ve freakin’ grabbed them and kept them. As it is, we left them behind. [Facepalm.] At least they’re theoretically being enjoyed now by my fellow schizophrenics, so there’s that.

My second regret involves my dad’s health and physical wellbeing. I don’t remember when this occurred. My dad has lived in this house since 1991 or 1992. He and I and my sister were sitting on the front porch watching a thunderstorm when lightning struck the telephone pole right out front of our house. My dad was sitting directly opposite it, and it somehow fractured his hearing. Just destroyed it. My sister and I were unharmed, although my modem got fried to the tune of around $100 for a replacement. (Does that remotely compare? No.) My dad has worn hearing aids ever since, but he still can’t hear diddly squat.

Oh, to go back in time and prevent that. He never even complains about his bad hearing. Usually, he just pretends he can hear just fine, or he’ll blame other people for mumbling. I just wish it hadn’t happened. I should’ve made him go inside, but there I was enjoying the thunderstorm, too! Coulda, shoulda, woulda! I don’t actually blame myself, but I regret it. You know how people say to avoid lightning? They mean it!

My third regret is that I didn’t take typing class in high school, choosing to be an aide to a nice teacher I liked instead during his free period. For years I regretted it because I was doing hunt-and-peck typing. I feared I’d spend my whole life being a slow, inept typist.

Well, finally, in circa 2007, it occurred to me that it’s never too late to learn. I got some instruction manuals and started practicing. Amazing! Since then, I’ve always used the proper fingers, like little finger on “p”. (The only issue is that I can’t always hit the “b” with my left index finger, because it’s too much of a stretch, so I’ll often send in my right index finger. I’m also completely inept at using the proper fingering for any non-letter keys.) So I guess I don’t need to regret not taking typing class anymore!

I’m not a fast typist (maybe 25 or 30 wpm?), but that’s because I’m not fast at anything: piano, Tetris, etc., etc. My brain is just slow. And practice obviously doesn’t help, because I’ve been using the right fingering at the computer for thirteen years now, and it is what it is. But it feels good to be able to type without looking at the keyboard! That’s novel!

Hmm…. am I out of regrets? I guess I am! Huh. I mean, yeah, if I were to go back in time, I’d do everything (and I do mean everything) differently, but that’s just because I’m a different person today. Maybe I’d ditch college altogether and invest in some power tools for furniture making, and spend hours writing my novels. But I learned a lot from college and graduated with minimal student loans. (This was before the college tuition crisis.) Maybe I’d just go around telling everyone about the future and laughing at their disbelief. That would be entertaining.

Does anyone out there have any regrets? Feel free to comment or write your own blog post about it!



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