Goals for August!

I’ve decided to try to make August a blitz-attack month for weight loss. My eating habits have become horrible. A few basic daily changes would go far.

I’ve been struggling with brunch, first of all. I wake up and go to the local pastry shop. Why, God, why? I’m sure that starting the day with a bagel, a croissant, and a cookie is a recipe for disaster, and yet I do it anyway. In my defense, July’s cookie of the month was M&M, and August’s is peanut butter. I have no will power.

Solution: I used to try eating either a salad with chicken or brown rice with chicken as a dinner, but it was never enough of a meal for dinner. Why not eat one of those two options for brunch each day? They have 500 or 600 calories, respectively, but all of them are healthy calories. (And I’d guesstimate the pastry-shop meal at around 1,100 calories.)

Dinnertime: make Kodiak waffles. I’ve been doing that, but in isolation, my diet’s still crap.

Late night snack: I can buy some Luna protein bars, I guess. And/or make popcorn.

When this will begin: ideally sometime tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping, and I’ve already blown my diet in myriad ways today. [I just made a face and shook my head at myself.]

Other plans: hit the gym twice a day. That sounds major, but it’s a mile up the road, and I have a 10-minute treadmill routine where I go around 3 MPH at a 15ยฐ incline. I could do that twice a day, right?

I mean, I’d lose weight if I were to stick to that this month, right? I’d have to.

I haven’t lost weight since March, and now I may have gained some. (I’m too afraid to weigh myself and find out… Maybe I can weigh myself next month if August’s plan goes well.)

I mean, I know I can do better. One thing that throws me is the lack of healthy groceries. But I think another thing was that they weren’t helping me when I’d try to eat the salad or rice meal for dinner. I’d just get hungry soon thereafter. I think shifting them to brunch will be a stroke of genius. Maybe I can even add a piece of fresh fruit! (Whoa, Meg, let’s not get carried away.)

There’s a funny line in a story I wrote recently that involves fruit:

The strawberry exploded.ย 

Out of context…? Not too funny. (I’m laughing riotously anyway.)

Oh, hey, I have amazing news. I’ve entered the new 3-day novella contest. (It’s a spinoff of the original 3-day novel contest.) The 3-day novella contest posted a few days ago that only seven people (not counting me yet at that point) had registered. And the top three get published, so, wow. The event is held over Labor Day weekend, Sept 5-7.

So I took to the forum and got, like, a handful of other people to enter it. Seriously, the new contest ought to put me on the payroll. I was impressed, because I’m not often that influential in life. Among others, I got Jeopardy Jennifer and also Sonya (who doesn’t hang out on the forum) to enter. Sonya did it last year with me (the original contest), so I’m glad she’ll be in it again this year! It’ll be a three-day shared insanity fest, like, “Are you still cogent, or are you talking to yourself yet?” or, “Help! My kitty crashed my keyboard! AAAAUGH!!” or, “What am I going to do? I’ve only written 10,000 words so far,” etc., etc. In other words, it should be a total blast.

Also, there will be candy. This will be my deserved reward if I really do make August a blitz-attack weight loss month. Go Team Meg!

So regarding goals for August, what I need to do is come up with a plot outline. (That’s allowed so that you’re not trying to dream up the novel during the three days, on top of writing it.) If I can estimate the word count of each scene and have a lot of scenes, then I can create a three-day plan of attack. I mean, basically, it’s going to be write-write-write, sob hysterically, write-write-write, toilet-paper my dad’s bedroom, write-write-write, eat candy, write-write-write, bathroom break, write-write-write, shriek like a deranged banshee, write-write-write, race through the house naked, write-write-write, give myself an impromptu haircut, write-write-write, sleep for twelve hours, repeat. (In other words, it’ll be like any other weekend, but with more writing.)

For anyone who’s curious, I’ve decided to write a romantic comedy.

Other goals for August: hmm. I know I’m doing the flash fiction competition round 2 in late August. (Round 1 is nonelimination, so everyone’s still in it.) Those might be all of my goals for now, but they’re good ones.











6 thoughts on “Goals for August!

    1. Thank you!! Go me!! I hope you reach your goals too this month!! For me, so far I’ve avoided the pastry shop this morning! That’s more-or-less major. When I get hungry, I’m going to prepare the brown rice and chicken! YAY!

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