A general note to everyone…

Hi guys! I just opened my spam folder and was pretty horrified. A lot of posts and comments on my posts that you all have made have gone straight to spam. So have a lot of other non-spam items. Geez! I can’t believe I’m seeing this.

To clarify, I always “like” comments, and I generally reply unless it’s the end of a discussion point. If I do neither, especially no “liking”, please assume I didn’t get the message. I’m staring at my spam folder in abject horror right now, like how did this happen, and you’ve got to be kidding me!! Holy flip!!

8 thoughts on “A general note to everyone…

    1. I check it pretty often, but it’s been a few days (weeks? I’m so bad with time), and when I checked it today, I was like, oh my gosh, they’ve been spamming everything!! Weirdness.

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    1. For sure, right? That’s why I want everyone to know it’s not a rejection on my end!! I’d hate to make people feel that way!! Glad I’m not the only person who deals with this stuff!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Sometimes WP filters seem to throw legit comments into spam more often than normally, or dislike specific people’s comments for some utterly weird reasons. I have a pretty small blog and usually I can handle cleaning the spam once every few weeks, but I also hate that when I see a lot of legit comments in the spam because I hate even the possibility that people may think I’m rejecting them in any way. So if I see that something gets into spam while it shouldn’t, I always catch up on those comments and respond to them and/or like them, so that people see I only saw their comment now. But on the other hand I guess there’s no need to be overly concerned and neurotic about it as I am when it happens because it seems to happen to everyone once in a while so I think it’s easy to guess that if someone who usually responds to comments does not do it once or twice, the comment might have gotten into spam. But it can also be simply annoying when you have to retrieve a lot of legit ones from there, so I hope you can deal with yours easily.

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    1. Thanks for the support! Actually, the spam was all in my Yahoo spam folder! I went there, and emails from a lot of people who I correspond with (and businesses I’ve never “spammed” because their emails don’t bug me) were sitting in spam! Like Yahoo had a major glitch one day and just started spamming everything!!

      But oh my, you raise an important point! WP spam!! Yikes!! I should seriously check mine! Wow, it’s always the stuff we never think of, isn’t it?

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      1. Aaahhh…! Okay, I see. That’s even worse I guess. I hardly ever get spammy emails on Gmail but I still check spam folder very regularly because these days email is my main way of online communication with all sorts of people so if I had such a situation it could potentially lead to some really unpleasant stuff. I hope Yahoo will be behaving better. Maybe you can put some filters in place so that Yahoo or your mail client will know better what’s actually spam and what’s not? I guess it doesn’t work like this everywhere though.

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      2. Yeah, I keep going in there and clicking “not spam” for emails that are getting filtered! I have no idea if their rubric suddenly changed, or what!! Yikes! I need to be more vigilant, for sure!!

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