Searching for Eric Kandel.

Well, good news!! I’ve got my pride and joy listed on etsy. Click here! (You know you want to.) I had fun earlier fixing up that basement room and staging the desktop. That’s my doll, Mathilde. I love Mathilde, and she’s a great desk model! Oh, hey! Ashley Leia, those are the bookends that my mom got me during her 1992 remodel of my bedroom!! Nice, huh? Much nicer than the Matisse! 😀 (How can I still have bookends 28 years later? Oh my gosh!)

To fill everyone else in, my mom decided to redecorate my attic bedroom when I went to Florida on a school biology trip in ninth grade. She put a huge poster of Matisse artwork on the wall, and I was too polite to ever let her know how much I disliked it!! But she scored with two very nice bookshelves that are downstairs in my dad’s stamp room now, and the bookends. And she draped some sort of gauzy orange fabric all over the room, so I felt like I was getting a psychic reading in my bedroom. Interesting times. Knowing my mother, she probably read my diaries during her breaks from the remodeling. [Eyeroll.]

To Maria, I’m sorry I got mad at you yesterday. I misunderstood your comment to mean that I should’ve given credence to the therapist I saw in 2007, but I think now you were referring to my current therapist, which is a million times less offensive, and it actually makes sense. I freaked and thought you were saying that my then-therapist was onto something… which he sure the [bleep] wasn’t.

I’m excited today!! I get contest results sometime between now (4:21 PM) and midnight. I’m not overly confident about this, but you never know. In my group, we were assigned to write a comedy including the act of whistling and the word “power”. I worked really hard on my story, and I think it’s better than a lot of the ones posted in the forum. I don’t always think that, but here’s why I think it this time: I went high concept and wrote about Snow White, and everyone else wrote about dog training. Dog training, dog training, dog training. Not much originality there. However, only a portion of participants share their stories, and maybe the judges are dog lovers. You just never know. Also, the dog-training stories might top mine if the writers show more character development, which is a weakness in my writing. So I’ve got the originality but not the character development. Gotta work on that.

I’ve been reading my memory book. Yesterday, I read about a study done with bees, so today I’m wearing my “bee happy” T-shirt. It has a bumblebee on it. A happy one.

The author has a hilarious sense of humor. This is from The Memory Illusion by Dr. Julia Shaw:

Also studying this phenomenon is Eric Kandel. I have never met this amazing winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine, a pioneer in memory research. I have, however, research-stalked him for years, following his papers, textbooks, autobiography and interviews. And through this I feel as though I know him. 

Wow. Eric Kandel, are you hearing this? You’ve got a fan out there!

4 thoughts on “Searching for Eric Kandel.

  1. Gf, I knew you weren’t understanding what I was meaning because you were in emotion mind. It’s all good. I get you my dear😘
    That’s DBT speak to understand out thoughts and behaviors. I took 3 rounds of it in outpatient. Marsha Linehan is a God for people who have or were raised by folks with BPD 🤪
    I absolutely LOVE😍 your butcher block, it’s stunning!! You have such a talent. Best wishes with selling it! I can feel your positive energy in this post, YAY🌈🌠 🎉

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