The wave of the future: rainbow-industrial furniture.

I’ve been hard at work on my furniture building, and I really, really, really hope I can become a successful woodworker. I’m defining successful as being able to sell my furniture to happy customers. I think I can make it happen. I finished a piece of furniture today that I started on Monday, so it’s taken a week. It’s a rainbow butcherblock tabletop intended to marketed toward parents of an elementary-aged little girl. Below, disregard the wooden piece the tabletop’s resting on. It’s not part of the project.


The photo doesn’t do it justice, and it doesn’t capture the colors correctly; and it was taken a few days ago, before I added glossy topcoat by the bucketful for paint protection and general added durability. It’s going to have these pipe legs from Amazon attached to it. (Before they sold out, you can’t see it on the Amazon page, but I got a set in standard table height of 28 inches.) I’ll make it clear that I didn’t make the legs, and I’ll list the piece on etsy.

Each of those boards are glued and screwed together. And you can’t see any screw holes, either.

I’ve also cleaned and organized the basement, and I dragged my dehumidifier out of storage and set it up in the piano room. The piano room is a small room in the basement that’s mostly finished, unlike what you’re seeing in the above photo. Actually, yeah, the piano room is behind that wall on the right. Anyway, I found the dehumidifier’s hose, too, which is great, because hoses are expensive; and I set up the dehumidifier to keep the piano room at 40% humidity. Now, the furniture I make can spend several weeks in there “curing”, which means that the topcoat needs to stabilize and harden in place.

Yeah, I’ve decided to brave the frontier as the first ever designer of rainbow-industrial children’s furniture.

I’ve also started a smaller table–a side table–that will be rainbow and use some of those same legs in a shorter height (maybe 24″).

I really want to be successful at this and make some supplemental income. It would be wonderful for several reasons. Self-employment is right up my alley because:

  • No employers. No coworkers. No people who I’m forced to act fake and smiley around and play nice with, which I’m literally incapable of doing. It tends to make me suicidal in a hurry.
  • I can pick my own hours! And they’re good hours. Often, I can’t work on woodworking all day, even if I wanted to. I have to wait for coats of paint to dry, and that sort of thing. So then I can work on my writing, or run errands, or go to the gym, or walk the dog, etc.
  • About that, I’m not capable of working set hours. I’m just not. If I had an employer who, say, needed to see me from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, I’d be unable to guarantee it. I’d try my hardest, and God bless me for it, but if my hormones are off, or if I’m spaced out and messed up in the head, or if I’m sleep-deprived, it’s not going to be pretty. I can cope with all that in my own life, but I can’t offer any sort of consistency or reliability to an employer.
  • Woodworking is fun! I know no one I know agrees with that, but it is! Colors! Rainbowfication! Rainbowfy! With pipes!

It should be a great week, unless it isn’t. I get contest results for my recent 100-word story on Wednesday night or thereabouts. I’m going to therapy on Thurdsay, and then next weekend is the finals in the 100-word contest (but I’m not being so presumptuous as to assume I’ll be participating–my intuition’s telling me I won’t make the cut).

Oh, here, I edited the photo to display the colors with more accuracy.

DSC00413 (2)

Yes, that’s what it looks like in person!! Those are the colors exactly. Just keep in mind that it wasn’t topcoated yet.

In advice giving news, I can no longer read Ask Amy’s column. Every time I go to Arcamax, the only free place to read it (that I know of), my internet connection crashes. For reallish.


2 thoughts on “The wave of the future: rainbow-industrial furniture.

    1. Oooooh, thanks!! I went to the Denver Post right now, and it’s not demanding that I subscribe, or anything else!! YAY!! You’re a genius!!

      Yep, it sure will cost a fortune to ship!! It’ll run anywhere from $40 to $100 via USPS ground, depending upon the location in the country of the buyer! I’m going to calculate it so that I’m paying for half the shipping and they’re paying the other half!! I’ll have to include it in the cost of the item so as not to break the bank!! But the doability of it is that the legs will twist on and off, so the box will be large and heavy but mostly flat! YAY!! Thanks for saying it looks so pretty!!

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