Great news! And misery.

It’s been a hard few days (yesterday and so far today) for reasons that I’m sure are temporary. Yesterday, I was an agitated mess, because:

  1. I couldn’t work on my woodworking. I’ve got some items coming from Amazon later today, and not yet having them ground the project to a halt.
  2. I was waiting all day for contest results to come in yesterday, and it just messed me up to the point that I couldn’t do anything but keep hitting refresh. If I had a dollar for every time I hit refresh, I’d be rich.

Due to item #2 above, I couldn’t even work on writing my current novel. And believe me, I tried. That story was going nowhere fast.

FINALLY, at around 11:10 or 11:20 PM, the results (promised to be out by midnight) came in. My story had to be in the top 20 of my group, which had 100 entrants. And… it came in ELEVENTH!! Woo hoo!! I was ecstatic!! YAY! My crash-test dummies, Thor and Debra, have lived to ride another ride.

I immediately checked results of three other people: my dad, who entered at my pleading; and two friends of mine who compete in these events as well.

My dad and one friend didn’t make it. My other friend–and this is hilariously tragicomic–came in 21st in his group (with the top honorable mention) and just barely missed the cut. Can anyone say ouch? Stop the bleeding! Oh, I felt bad for him! Ouch!

So, I’m in it this upcoming Saturday! From Friday night at midnight until Saturday night, I get to write another 100-word story. I’m excited!!

Oh, this just in: the guy I like just emailed me in reponse and said, “That’s great news!” YAY! Also, I think my dad’s going to get me a treat today, too!! Woo hoo!! 😀

Only now, coming into today, I’ve got killer menstrual cramps. Oh, geez. And I bet this Saturday will be the first full day of my period, which is always a horrible, nonfunctional day. How can I write another great story under those conditions? AARGH!!



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