Random musings of happytimes days and procrastinating on shower time!

I don’t think I’ve blogged for a while, and today feels like a lazy day. There are things I want to do, but they’d require me to take a shower first, and taking a shower can be a huge production. Floss and brush my teeth, lay out clean clothes, coax myself into the water… Yeah. So, I figured I’d blog about all the exciting stuff going on in my life. Why not?

My eBay sales are taking off, I hope. I got an offer today of $20 for an antique silver-plated napkin ring that came from my mom’s late husband’s family. This thing’s from the 1800s. I realized the offer came from someone who’d joined eBay to bid on this particular auction, so I decided to politely decline his offer and urge him to bid for it. (The starting price is $5, and hey, he might get it at a bargain. But I’m hoping it’s a hot-ticket item, and I’m willing to risk $15 toward that hope.)

In other news, the fish tank has never looked better. It’s just stunning. I cleaned out a lot of algae, removed the algae-covered house, and replaced said house with new (artificial) plants! (The house needs to be de-algaed in bleach, and I couldn’t find any at the store. So I’ll set it aside to decorate the tank with again in the future. It’s a nice house!)


I can tell the fishies love their new tank. The plants give them more stimulation and areas to explore and look around in. I’ve decided to buy two new fishies, the same type but in neon colors. (So instead of white-skirted Tetras, they’d be Glofish Tetras.) You’d think that would have me excited enough to take a shower…? But no.

This is interesting. You can’t buy just one fish unless it’s a betta fish (they’re hostile and have to be separated from other fish, whether betta or non-betta) or if it’s the only fish you’re going to have. The reason is that it’s too stressful to put one new fish into a tank with other fish. That fish needs a friend (or friends) to adjust with, at least one other fishy who’s new to the tank, too. My dad can’t believe that there’s so much knowledge out there about fish psychology, but there ya go. The Glofish I want are $10 apiece. One would be more affordable than two, but oh well!

Also, now’s the time of year to decide whether I should enter the flash-fiction contest. To briefly clarify all the NYC Midnight contests I’m involved with:

  • Short story. First half of the calendar year. Stories start at 2500 words in round 1 and shrink down to 1250 words by round 4. Writing time starts at eight days in round 1 and shrinks to one day by round 4.
  • Flash fiction. Each round is consistent with 1000 words and two days to write it. The first round is non-elimination, which means that everyone gets to compete in rounds 1 and 2. Then scores are combined to see who makes it farther. Four rounds total.
  • 100-word and 250-word microfictions. These are newer events that have only occurred once apiece. They’re (in my opinion) way easier and far less time-consuming. Like writing half a page! Each round is also consistent, as in flash fiction. Three rounds total for each.

So really, the two major events are short story and flash fiction. (They also have screenplay competitions, but my mind just doesn’t work that way.)

I think I’ll try to scrounge up the $43 needed to enter the flash fiction. The downside is that, especially with the non-elimination in effect, it takes forever for both of the first two rounds to be scored. At least in the other comps, writers get eliminated, which speeds up the scoring after round 1.

My diet has been going well, and I think I might even be losing weight. To recap, I’ve been eating Kodiak waffles (900 calories) twice a day, plus around 300 calories of popcorn, for a total of 2100 calories. I’ve quit drinking sugar, which is a huge accomplishment. I think I was drinking roughly 600 calories of sugar per day. When I realized that that figure equates to an ice-cream sundae that I really like, I was horrified. I’ve only been off the sugary drinks for a week or so, but I think my weight’s already going down.

I only have one concern, and that is that in summertime, when it’s really hot, I start craving sugary drinks with a passion. It becomes harder to fend them off. I’m going to try to have some watermelon onhand and/or make some fruit smoothies with no added sugar. We’ll hope for the best. Summer certainly hasn’t come yet, though! (Where the heck is it?)

I’ve started a new novel! I’m excited about it. It’s a YA horror/suspense/mystery/whodunit sort of book. Here’s its opening quote:

A waking world of innocence—so brave those firstborn cries. When life begins with needles and pins, it ends with swords and knives.

… God save those born to die.

~Tears for Fears

I’m excited about it! I might also self-publish The Enervation of Eve, because no agents have expressed an interest in it.

Screenshot (186)

Fifteen-year-old Eve Thames has been exhausted ever since her twin brother’s accident. If only she could figure out what’s behind her tiredness!

Her grades are slipping and she keeps having public meltdowns. It’s tough to keep fighting off the shame of her sperm-donor paternity. Fatigued beyond the breaking point, Eve takes a drastic leap of faith… and falls.

I guess there’s not much else going on!! I hope everyone out there reading this is doing well today!





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      1. They were terrified in the plastic bag, so I sped up the process of combining water and then transferring them, and they settled down considerably!! 🙂 It’s a tough adjustment because it involves a second of no water to breathe! We’re past the hard part!! 🙂

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