My new plans for added weight loss!

So, things haven’t been going so well in the weight-loss department. I’ve been eating the Kodiak waffles twice a day (900 calories x 2) and then popcorn late at night (roughly 200 calories, maybe, seeing as most of the kernels refuse to pop). But my weight hasn’t budged off of 200 or a little over.

Yesterday, I cut the waffle recipe by 2/3 and had 600 calories x 2 and the popcorn. Life was going well until I awoke at the ungodly hour of 6:30 AM, starved, and I went on a slightly unhealthy eating binge that involved snack from the drugstore and then pastries from the local pastry shop. I’m taking it in stride, though, because I used to eat that way every day. So I know it’s not the end of the world that I just blew breakfast. And lunch. And snacktime. You get the picture.

But I do have a new strategy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my waffle-eating ways. They’re healthy, filling; and they keep me grounded on not turning to junk food. See, if I’m not hungry, then I won’t go back to my old ways. So the 900 calories x 2 plus popcorn diet ought to be useful.

So here’s my new strategy: my beautiful, gorgeous new blue tea maker came today. Oh, I should take photos of this wondrous appliance! It’s so pretty. I’ll just share the stock image again to refresh your memories:

It’s even prettier in person. I’m so glad I went through some difficulty to acquire this particular unit. They had it in black on Amazon, with prime shipping and everything, but I was set on getting the blue one! Too cute. I’m sure it’s strange to be in love with an appliance, but I can’t wait to learn how to use it! I’m currently studying its manual. It came in today’s mail while I was napping.

Anyway, here’s my strategy. In general, each day, I drink unsweet tea (black tea that my dad brings me from his outings at restaurants) to which I add Monin flavor syrups. It’s a good system that has worked well for me for years. (If forced to get by on water alone, I will become dehydrated. So not kidding.) Each cup of tea I make thusly has roughly 25 grams of sugar and 100 calories. In a day’s time, six cups of this might equate to 150 grams of sugar and 600 calories. I’m starting to notice how extreme that is.

So, here’s the plan: ditch the sugar. Now that I have a tea maker, I can brew exotic blends, like from Teavana, for example, and no longer have to rely on boring black tea. Basically, Teavana makes potpourri-like loose tea from natural ingredients: dried fruits, coconut chunks, tea leaves, plants, etc. I’ve never had it iced. I have some Teavana leaves, but I’ve only ever used it to make an occasional hot cup in the microwave. I think it would taste pretty good iced without any added sweeteners.

So, that’s my hope. Eliminating 600 or so calories a day must be helpful for weight loss, right?

I want to clarify, though, that my blood sugar levels are fine. I know, because I’ve used my dad’s testing kit on occasion. (He’s never used it. We tried once, but he wouldn’t bleed.) Regardless, I still think it could be healthy to ditch the sugar, and if I can do it successfully, it should guarantee that I never get adult-onset diabetes. It runs in my family: dad, maternal grandma, maternal aunt. And I watched them all get it by hitting up the soft drinks every day, which is why I didn’t want to go down that path, and so I settled on the Monin flavor syrups. But I think this will be a great improvement, if I can pull it off! Wish me luck!

Yeah, like, with my dad’s diabetes, he’s been drinking artificially sweetened Coke for years now instead of the sugary stuff. I don’t think artificial sweeteners are healthy (except maybe if they’re fruit-based). But the point is that even though he gave up sugary soft drinks years ago, his diabetes appears to be here to stay.

There’ll be a process of trial and error with the tea maker. I’m excited to jump in and get started! We’ll see how it goes!


3 thoughts on “My new plans for added weight loss!

  1. The problem I see is that the tea isn’t going to do much to help you feel full. It’s going to be hard to avoid hunger just doing 2 meals a day plus a snack, not in terms of calories, but in terms of timing and stomach emptying.

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    1. Oh, oops! Maybe I described my plans wrong! I think the waffles will keep me full if I go back to the 900-calorie twice-a-day pattern of eating them. So my new strategy is to ditch the sugary tea with flavor syrups in favor of drinking exotic tea that hasn’t been sweetened. So instead of changing what I’m eating, I’ll just be changing what I’m drinking, which appears to equate to 600 calories of sugar!!

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