Dr. Google to the rescue!

People say that you shouldn’t use Dr. Google, and I can sort of understand that. But he (or she? Does the internet have a gender?) just saved me.

Does the internet have a gender?! Good grief! Talk about your lost deep thoughts. 

I’ve been feeling achey and miserable. Terrible headaches, awful eye pain. I’ve tried Ibuprofen and generic Claritin, thinking perhaps I’ve been having an allergy attack. None of it has made a dent.

So I researched which type of headache I have: sinus headache. It hurts more when you lean over. Check.

Then I researched how to treat a sinus headache. You’re supposed to use a humidifier to increase the humidity.

Then I researched Louisville’s current humidity, but I couldn’t figure out how to interpret the numbers.

Then, on a whim, I researched if air conditioners suck humidity out of the air. (My portable AC has a dehumidifier function. I don’t use it, but it has one.) Dr. Google said, yes, air conditioners lower humidity.

Then I researched air conditioners and sinus headaches. Dr. Google explained that air conditioners cause two problems that upset sinuses: one being that they lower humidity, and the other being dirty filters that spread pet dander and dirt into your breathing space.


I’ve never cleaned out the filters in my AC, because I didn’t even know the unit had filters. It has filters. [Eyeroll.] I went to the Amazon product page for my unit and did some cursory research.

I couldn’t access the filters, so I grabbed a screwdriver. After removing five screws and jimmying the plastic cover pieces of the unit, the two filters popped out. Filth. There was filth like you’ve never seen. A solid inch of dirt was between the filter and the mechanics. I had to get out my vacuum cleaner and use some suction. I also took the filters downstairs and rinsed them out as per the product page’s instruction. Our bathtub is totally clogged right now, or it would be if it weren’t equipped with a catch-tray. It’s incredible how much pet fur and dirt had amassed on those filters!

This seems too placebo-ish to be real, but as I’m typing this, my headache is gone! It’s only been half an hour, if that, since I cleaned the filters.

I’d made a mental note last year to clean out the unit when I set it up this spring, but when spring came and I set it up several weeks back, it was under emergency circumstances. We had a sudden unexpected heat spell, and my bedroom was an inferno. That wasn’t the emergency. What went wrong was that the water in my fish tank overheated, and the fish were in danger. I realized this at bedtime and sprung into action, hauling my portable AC out of storage and venting it by removing the window and putting in some plywood panels. All at bedtime. At the same time, I was trying to float a bag of frozen chicken in the tank. (Changing the water isn’t advised. Apparently, it can cause a too-fast shift in temperature that can upset the fishies.)

Recently, there was a stench in my room. It reeked. I finally found the source of it. Out on the roof past my front box windows lay the chicken I’d floated in the tank. I’d forgotten, but I put it there while still panicking over trying to cool the fishies’ water. The chicken was no longer frozen! In fact, I think it was baked. Oh my gosh. It stank to high heaven. And I had to carry it through the house, dispose of it, and immediately take the trash bag out to the container, ’cause I was not gonna leave that on the front porch. Whatever they’re paying our intrepid trash collectors, it’s not enough.

Wow, my head really does feel better! And my muscle aches are going away too. (I’ve been tense. And I’ve been hard at work reorganizing everything up here.) Maybe I’ll finally sleep well tonight. I’ve been snoring! And making other weird noises.

I’m so happy to have resolved this problem before my upcoming big weekend! I’ll be writing two stories for two different competitions (one’s 100 words, and the other’s 1,000), and I’ll be celebrating my birthday on Sunday. One less thing to worry about! The headaches have been killer.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Google to the rescue!

    1. I think I did…? I still feel tense and achey. Now I’m working the theory that I’m stressed (without psychologically realizing it, or without psychological signs), so I took 50 mg of Seroquel this morning to start the day. Something’s gotta help!

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  1. Seriously, AC seems to be able to make people quite badly sick sometimes. To me it happened only once and it felt like allergy, but when we lived in the countryside and my Mum had to drive absolutely everywhere and very often, in hot summers she’d often develop some mysterious colds, infections and stuff, despite she’s normally healthy, and it took some time for her to realise that it was the AC in the car. I’m glad the problem is solved for you, sometimes Dr. Google can help.
    As for your Internet and gender dilemma, it sucks that you guys don’t have genders for nouns in English, life would be so much less complicated. 😀 Polish Internet is male, I guess Welsh too but I’m not sure, and Swedish is neuter, that’s all I know. 😀
    Good luck with your competitions, and I hope you’ll have a super happy birthday. 🙂

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  2. Isn’t it beautiful when Dr. Google WORKS? Great work problem solving. No doubt it was a good thing you tackled the issue regardless of the headache outcome though that of course is the most important. Headaches are a terrible thing to research but you made it sound easy. Lol. Hopefully by now you’re feeling better overall. I too have noticed my anxiety effects me physiologically way more than I accept and ALWAYS when I’m worrying about something physical.

    My partner gets nose bleeds because of dry air, a lot of people do. I don’t but sometimes when I’ve been inside a lot, especially when hot, I swear the pressure in the house messes me up.

    I can so see myself freaking out about the fish matter, made that much more stressful by being about to go to bed. At least you left the chicken outside and not under the bed or something! Lol. Great job getting through it all now and then and saving your fishies!

    And Happy Birthday tomorrow (?Right?)! May it be a beautiful day for you. May you pat yourself on the bag, hug yourself, and appreciate what you have accomplished, the big and the small. 😉

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    1. I do feel better, thanks, but the headaches haven’t entirely gone away! I helped one earlier today with a nap! What a great nap!

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only person affected by the environment! Nosebleeds sound dreadful!! Oh my!! I think I had one once, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, did blood come out of my nose?!” 😮 I hope your partner doesn’t flip out over the sight of unexpected blood!!

      Your comment about not leaving the chicken under the bed made me laugh out loud! 😀 Oh no!!! Stinky bed!!

      Thank you so much! Yes, my birthday’s tomorrow (Mother’s Day this year)!! YAY!! I hope you celebrate yourself too on your birthday!! Happytimes!!

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