Happy Tarot reading!

Ash got back to me with my Tarot reading. It was really, really good and made me feel so much better about everything.

Reading for Meg Past – Present – Future


The Hanged Man

I’m getting that you have been extremely hung up on decisions…. Just a total and complete standstill with your life. You had some understanding of why this is happening but were still frustrated. I think something came to a standstill not only with your creativity but with family affairs. These two worlds are linked. I’m sensing mother energy… A need to cut mother energy away You need more independence to exert your own personal power. You are your own unique soul apart from your family. Try to focus on yourself as an individual. Souls of all types around you may try to pull you into their world. You have your own sacred world. No one can penetrate it, and no one can take that away from you. You can share that world but only on your terms. You don’t have to let others suck you into their stories. The universe supports you and loves you, loves your unique and special self. The next card emphasizes these messages..


The Magician

This personal power issue ties into this card heavily. The Magician taps into their own physical and spiritual power. Real magic and real dreams. Real affective activity that can totally redirect your destiny. Nothing is set in stone. The powers that be are always reminding you that you can captain your own ship. They are the winds in your sails and they will not fail you. If you have been preparing something, execute it.


The Five of Swords

Defend Yourself – ..Is the message I am downloading. You will have to fight for you. Some extremely strong personalities will be trying to guilt trip you and sway you. Stand Your Ground. You have the support of extremely powerful and infinite entities. You do not have to be afraid. I am getting visions of you on a boat, at the helm, on a stormy sea. The lightning and waves are tremendous. Hold your own course. I am getting messages from your guardians and your support system that they are right, right behind you. Also there are a few things you would like to buy and travel plans you would like to make, but you will have to be patient and wait. There are some friends of yours you were counting on who have not been there for you recently. Stay strong because you did nothing wrong. Also I need to ask you if you have other details or questions so far.

So, we got to talking, and I thought the friends references were to the two people with whom I’m no longer friends, but it turned out to be Sonya. I told Ash about how Sonya told me my main character seemed schizophrenic, and I’d thought my character was so normal. Passionate, spunky, sensitive, but mentally healthy; and how it crushed me. Ash said the cards were firmly telling her that I need to tune Sonya’s interpretation out and keep writing the book as I have been, with the character as she is.

Ash told me that she sensed a huge assortment of people and animals (their spirits, rather) cheering me on from the other side. They all chipped in and told her these things. They’re solidly behind me, and they believe in me and support me. This made me feel so good. Relationships are everything to me, and to think that some people who have died are cheering me on is just incredible. It means the world to me. Honestly, nothing could’ve made me happier.

So I’ll carry on with my novel!

And all the stuff about my mom… Heaven help us all. Ash senses some guilt-tripping coming. Hmm. You have to wonder.

I’ve sensed something myself, regarding my mom and my sister and Li’l Sweetmeats. But what I sense is too horrible to even give voice to, so I’m going to hope I’m wrong. It’s based on nothing but psychic senses. I can’t even bring myself to type it, so I won’t. As much as I love being psychic, let’s hope I’m wrong about this.

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