@TeamSusan!? Good grief.

Today wasn’t a great day, but oh well. I’m not even sure what went wrong, but I was talking to Sonya on social media, and she said she’d close out the page if she weren’t waiting for her mom to show up, and I took it personally and feared she saw me as a nuisance, and (very G-rated Disneylike) words were exchanged. Actually, I tried to take the hint, but then she insisted there was no hint. Okay, that seems funny now. But I felt bad. I’ve just been tired and out of sorts.

Then her mother showed up, and she left for real.

This… okay. We got the green light to share our stories on the forum. For those of you who helped me beta read my story (and thank you so much!), you know that it was a romance between Jaycee and Finn. Here’s the weird thing. Female Jaycee’s best girl friend, Susan, was also a main character in the story. Apparently, everyone on the forum is disappointed that Jaycee got together with Finn at the end. They all wanted her to get together with her friend, Susan. So my story has become an @TeamSusan and @TeamFinn divisive issue.

One person rightly pointed out that I didn’t make Finn remotely likeable. Darn it all to heck! 😀 You can see why it’s been a hard day. Even I have to agree in retrospect that romance would’ve been sweeter between Jaycee and Susan. Neither of them are gay, and Susan’s married (which I didn’t mention in the story, but it was in my head), but what the heck? It’s fiction! I could’ve made it happen! Darn it!

This second round of competition is always where I fall out of the game. But I’ve got to believe in myself! Believe, believe, believe.

Roswell | I BELIEVE ALIEN - Mens T-Shirt
“I believe” with a scary alien face.

Oooh, what to do when you search for a meme and find the wrong one? Yikes! I need to believe in myself, not aliens!

I Believe In Me' #believe #believeinyourself #hope #ghost #ghosty ...
“I believe in me” with a cute ghost and a heart!

There we go. That’s better. Anyway, yeah, I need to be more confident.

There are so many things on my to-do list, and none of them are getting done. I worked on my eBay sales for hours today and got four collectible items listed. Wow, go me.

And I ingested some rancid oil. Its expiration date was the year of our Lord 2013. I’m sure we don’t need to go into detail.

So, yeah. Not the best day.

Speaking of the whole @TeamSusan thing, I used to wish I were gay so I could have romantic relationships without the gender differences. You hear me, ladies? No belching, farting, scratching, watching hours of football, drinking beers, and being doinks. (I sincerely hope that paragraph wasn’t offensive to men everywhere.) But then I realized that it’s great I can be friends with females without my chronic relationship issues coming into play. For those of you who know me best, I can sense you nodding with relief. And I don’t blame you! [Shudders.]

Tomorrow should be a special day. My dad will be turning 75. We’re going to have a party in the early afternoon. There will be ice-cream cake!! Yummytastic!! That might help make up for the bad oil.




4 thoughts on “@TeamSusan!? Good grief.

  1. Team Susan – huh, that didn’t cross my mind at all. And if they were to get together, what would it be about the camping trip that would bring them together?

    Happy birthday to your dad! I hope you have a nice little celebration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 😀 😀 I know, right?

      Thanks!! I’ve got two hours and forty-five minutes to clean the first floor and take a shower before his friend comes over! Wish me luck!!

      Liked by 1 person

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