So, it’s almost 9:30 PM here, and I’m bored.

Here’s the problem: I’m conked out from assembling my new rainbow media center all day yesterday. Oh! Here are some photos! In the last photo, I added on the purple “ears” on either side.


What do you all think? And it cost NOTHING. It was an old piece of furniture made by my late stepgrandpa, who painted it mustard yellow as per Granny’s dictates. Now it has been rainbowfied! Omigod, I love rainbows. I found some paint in the basement and reused the original hardware. I already had topcoat, too.

Every wall up here is a different color, but I want to take the long purple wall, which is about five feet high by fourteen feet long, and rainbowfy it with horizontal stripes going from top down: thin beige, pink, thin beige, pastel orange, thin beige, pastel yellow, thin beige, pastel green, thin beige, pastel blue, thin beige, pastel purple, and thin beige. Nothing makes me happier than the presence of rainbows and/or the sequential color series of rainbows in decoration.

Part of my boredom is due to the fact that my contest’s results come out in two and a half hours. Oh my gosh. This is round 1. Historically, I think I’ve always made it to round 2. Yep. I made it in 2017 and again in 2018, and then last year I sat this particular event out. No, wait. Well, I sat it out in 2018 and made it in 2019. Okay. At any rate, I’ve made it to round 2 both years I’ve done it, over the past three years. And I feel really confident about the story I wrote over two months ago.

But yeah, I’m in a sort of stasis. I’m suspended in time until those results come out. I guess I could actually do something like clean my room or walk the dog, but that would require energy. And effort. And it’s cold out there. Freakin’ wintry.

In good news, if I make it to the next round, I’ll be inspired to clean and organize. It’s always good to feel tidy when a new creative assignment comes in. The next round starts Thursday at midnight.

Okay, I’m fed up with myself. I’m going to force myself to stand up and do… something. I’ll decide what after I’m standing. It can be anything other than sitting back down. Go Meg!




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