My new love interest.

So, this is why it’s bad to be known as being mentally ill. I have a friend on social media who posted that she ate a huge quantity of rice. I commented rather glibly, “Were you hungry?”

HA HA! Well, she PMed me and said, “You fell for it! You commented on the post. Now you have to post one of the following.” And there was a list to choose from.

So I posted, “I think I fell in love with a sheep!” And as you can see from the screenshot, my comment was met with horrified silence.

Screenshot (189)

I thought it was funny. I still do! Baaah.

The problem is that my nearest and dearest never know when I’m joking and when I’ve… actually fallen in love with a sheep?!?! Oh well. Sheep facepalm?

My mental illness caused problems today. Most notably, I was a bit manic. I spent all freakin’ day assembling my new rainbow media center. It took a lot of work. It’s gorgeous. It’s still missing two small pieces, and it’s currently in the middle of my room, so it’s not ready for its photo shoot yet. Very soon.

Oh, hey, ten points to whoever spots Wilford Brimley.

But, like, I got so invested in the assembly that when my dad asked for help getting something copied (he ran out of toner today and wanted to use my printer), I was too confused by his request to prepare it. Like, I was so caught up in using my Phillip’s screwdriver that I couldn’t pay attention to what he was asking. Several hours later, we finally cleared up the confusion. I was printing the wrong document from a computer file instead of copying the right one from what he handed me. Pages were scattered all about. I have no clue how things went so badly awry.

I’m able to take these things in stride, but where the heck was my mind?! I mean, I know I’m in love with a sheep, and all that, but… Oh well.

I think one way I’m able to be so “good” at being mentally ill is that I can go with the flow. So what if I stressed my dad out? I mean, I’m not happy about it, but tomorrow will be a better day. Well, I hope. Actually, tomorrow’s when I get the contest results. Better day, worse day, in-between day?

My new media center is the most freakin’ gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Ohh! I love rainbow furniture. My favorite thing about being a woodworker is the aspect of rainbowfication. (Granted, I didn’t make this piece from scratch. I found it in the basement and rainbowfied it, but still.)

I also added some bling. I had to drill some holes to attach some trippy knobs. That’s where Granny Smith’s ill-fated stenciled pineapples used to be. I like to think she’d approve.

I can’t quit gazing at it. So colorful and gorgeous! All the people who are horrified by my love for the sheep are going to ooh and ahh over it tomorrow when I post photos. Darn normalcy, anyway.

Aww, little kitty fell asleep in my lap. The animals are so happy today.

So, my dad thinks he confused me by asking me to make copies. I don’t know how to explain that he caught me during a manic moment. Do they make Hallmark cards for that?

I’m manic as all heck. I can sleep it off, and I’ll be fine tomorrow. It’s under control. I’m medicated. I’ll take an extra Seroquel tonight.

So, I’m going to turn on The Golden Girls and try to relax. Pills, I need pills. Okay. Deep breath. I’ll go take my medicine and find some pyjamas. Oh, geez. My pyjamas have sheep on them.

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