More anger!

So, I have no idea if I’m justified in feeling angry over this, or if I’m overreacting, or if it was my fault, etc. My dad and I were walking Big Woof around the block. We started to take her around a second time, but two huge dogs were coming toward us on leashes, being walked by the same man. We turned around and headed up the street the other way. Well, this man was fast on our tails and quickly reached us, which drove Big Woof into a state of badly behaved distraction. Big Woof’s a Newfoundland, and I think the two dogs were large collies, like Lassie.

He pulled his two dogs into the street in order to pass us. (There was no traffic.) He mumbled an insincere apology. Meanwhile, Big Woof was so eager to reach the two dogs and play that she dug up some gardening done between the sidewalk and the street. I placed my feet apart and held onto her with everything in me. The other dogwalker kept talking to us, like, “How are you? I hope you guys are staying healthy,” blah-blah-blah. I couldn’t respond–literally–because I was using every single ounce of energy in me to hold back my wild dog. So my dad laughed and joked and made small talk with this guy. As he and his two dogs were passing us, his dogs got thisclose to Big Woof. I mean, this guy could’ve crossed the street or, I dunno, tried harder to pull them away. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I was holding onto Big Woof for dear life, and that she was uprooting vegetation.

So he eventually got past us, and I managed to hold my temper. (Just keep reading. I’m not that virtuous.) I waited until he was out of earshot before saying to my dad, “I have a few choice words I’d like to verbalize.”

My dad immediately started making excuses for this guy. “Oh, he never encountered other dogs on a walk before.”

Uhuh. And he was walking two collies, both of who were just as badly behaved as Big Woof? And this was a first for him? Yeah, right.

We walked Big Woof around the block again, and then I put her inside. Up the street, the man with the two collies was returning. I waited for him to acknowledge me with a glance, and then I flipped him off. Then, my dad and I walked without Big Woof (because Big Woof doesn’t like long walks).

I know most of you reading this are probably not comfortable offering me feedback, but is there any chance that I was in the wrong here? I mean, I know my dog is too rambunctious. But it’s common for one dog walker to cross the street in that instance. And what about the rest of it? All thoughts are welcome. My take on it was that he was a total jerkface. But that could be my paranoia. It reminds me of the token apologies from my fellow banker yesterday, the lady who kept apologizing for talking to the teller, but without quitting talking to the teller. No one ever verbalizes it thusly, but people might as well say, “I’m sorry for my bad behavior, but I’m going to engage in it anyway, because I can.” AARGH.

I had a lot of anger issues this time last year, too. I figured I’d waited too late into springtime to go back down on my Prozac (which I take more of for seasonal issues). But I’ve already gone down on it this year, as of about two weeks ago. Maybe my spring anger issues aren’t related to the Prozac.

2 thoughts on “More anger!

  1. I would say as long as he has control of his dogs then I don’t see a problem with him passing you on the sidewalk. If Big Woof was obviously excited he should have pulled his dogs away, but it wouldn’t necessarily have been obvious to him that you were holding onto her for dear life.

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    1. Well, his two dogs came really, really close to us, and I couldn’t pull any farther away. I think my stance, with my feet wide apart, and the fact that I couldn’t move backward anymore at all, was obvious. It really seemed like he couldn’t have cared less. His dogs weren’t all that well controlled, and he seemed to find it amusing when the collies got closer and closer to us, with me about a hairsbreadth away from letting go.

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