Great news!!

I’ve got amazingly good news. My goals are coming together. I’ve mastered my diet after hours and hours of research and planning. Here’s what I’ve learned since I last blogged about this:

  • Dark chocolate is a great appetite suppressant.

It’s also not too unhealthy nor bingeworthy, because it only tastes a bit better than Baker’s chocolate. (I still remember when I was a kid, asking my mom if I could taste the Baker’s chocolate. She tried to talk me out of it, saying I wouldn’t like it, but I didn’t believe her. She was right!) So I’ve been eating some Ghirardelli’s 92% cacao, one or two squares a day whenever I’m hungry between meals. One square adds around sixty calories onto my daily calorie count, and it does have some fat in it, but it’s great at appetite suppression.

  • The jury’s still out on olive leaf tincture as an appetite suppressant…

… because I haven’t used it yet. It’s on hand, though. I’ll report back.

  • Keeping a daily calorie count helps me stay focused.

It might seem stringent, and it might not work for everyone, but if left to my own devices, I’ll slide down the slippery slope to hardcore junk food in a matter of hours. I’m not exaggerating.

  • Bingeing doesn’t get me down…

… because I used to eat all junk food, all the time, anyway. If I occasionally go off the deep end, I’m still doing way better than I was then! I have indeed been sticking to the diet without issue thus far. I’m sure, though, that if I get hormonal or stressed, bad things will happen. In which case, I’ll keep trying again the next day.

  • God bless popcorn.

It’s still my wonderful indulgence. I have a fancy popcorn maker that’s shaped like an alien pod. It makes the popcorn without burning it. I was never good at making it on the stovetop, and believe me, I tried. Many times. [Shakes head.] The popcorn maker is a Godsend.

  • Turkey sausage is your friend.

I remember losing weight with the help of turkey sausage several years ago. You can eat four patties, and it’s only 200 calories total. That’s right! It’s fifty calories a patty.

  • I’m still going to occasionally eat unhealthy food, especially if it’s planned.

The Catholic fish fries are coming up, and I’m totally excited about them. I always order the fried shrimp, fries, and an additional side of fries. And then there’s the cake wheel! I already have it marked in my mental calendar as a “cheat” day (every Friday of Lent), and I’m okay with that. I fear that if I try to abstain from such experiences, I’ll have a harder time keeping the weight off once I lose it. I don’t want to deprive myself of special occasions with eating. That’s no way to live. I do want good daily habits, but if something special’s going on, I want to partake.

  • I need more mindfulness when it comes to food.

And that’s why I need to count calories. Otherwise, I’ll eat whenever I feel like eating. Now, I’m eating strategically. It takes mental focus that I don’t have, but it’s worth it to develop the discipline to eat mindfully. So far today, I’ve eaten:

  • Four turkey sausage patties=200 calories total
  • Most of one Luna protein bar=160 calories total
  • Two squares of dark chocolate=125 calories total
  • Dark-chocolate high-protein waffles=800 calories total (and that counts the small amound of pancake syrup I use, and the extra virgin olive oil added to the mix)

…. which totals 1285 calories. I’m mildly hungry now, and I plan on eating some popcorn. (It’s almost midnight at present.) The popcorn is 320 calories, counting the extra virgin olive oil. That will bring my daily calorie total to just over 1600 calories! A day of weight loss!

Once I feel confident with my new eating habits, I’ll try to add daily exercise, which I’ve been lacking lately. (I walk the dog and take walks with my dad, but that’s not major. For one thing, it’s flat terrain.) I don’t know why, but I can’t motivate myself to exercise in winter. It’s just impossible, so I haven’t tried. I don’t even want to go ice skating! I suspect that I’ll get some spring fever in a few months, and then I’ll kick the exercising into higher gear. I’m ready with my cruiser one-speed bike and a new bike pump on standby. (They told me at the bike repair place which setting to pump the tires to.)

I’ve also been doing masterfully at my goal of paying off debt. I’ve essentially quit letting myself buy stuff. And it’s going great! I’ve paid back my dad a month in advance so far this year. I’m supposed to pay him back $500 a month, but I’ve already given him $1500 through February. My goal is to pay him a year’s worth well before the end of the year, and then spend the last several months of this year tackling and trying to pay down my one credit card. (He fully approves of this goal.) It’s maxed. I have access to other credit cards, but I’m not going there unless there’s an emergency. (At least, I think I do. I might have closed all the other ones. Hmm…)

So these are my two major goals for this year: weight loss and debt repayment. It’s nice to have the focus, because otherwise, I’d keep spending and eating mindlessly. I’m so proud of myself. I wasn’t sure if the dieting thing would work out, but I feel as if I finally have a course of action. I kept concentrating on how to make it happen, and I had a breakthrough. It’s all coming together at this point. I feel like success shall be mine. I’m so happy about that for a lot of reasons. I’ve been having aches in my knee for a long time. I know the best thing I can do to fix it is to lose weight, and now I can finally accomplish that. I’ll be healthier all around, both now and going into the future!

I just have to be diligent. I’m not ready (and won’t be for a long time) to quit counting calories. I’ve been keeping a running counter on our kitchen’s chalkboard every day. I finally have the tools and strategies I need to lose this weight! Go me!

Sending love to Ashley Leia!! 



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