Pass the food!

So, I’m starving. I’ve been awake for six hours, and I’ve already eaten two Luna protein bars and two brown rice cups and half a package of precooked grilled chicken strips. So what gives?

Watching my caloric intake has caused an unforseen problem: hunger. I’m not interested in starving myself to death, but if left to my own devices, I’d need around 2,400 calories a day to feel full. But I can’t lose weight eating 2,400 calories a day!

I’ve shifted to healthy foods. I’ve been eating loads of the aforementioned foods as well as oatmeal with nuts, barbecue chicken pizza (no fatty meats), high-protein waffles that I cook with my waffle iron, etc. I still sometimes get crazy cravings for junk food, but not all the time. It’s frustrating, though, dealing with the hunger, which could lead me straight to an unintended binge. But even if I do binge, I’m still ingesting less calories, because I used to just eat all the time.

But I’ve already ingested 1,000 (albeit healthy) calories today, and I’ve only been awake for six hours. What to do?

I think I can make the high-protein dark chocolate waffles for dinner. That’s another 800 calories, which’ll bring me to 1,800. But it won’t take. At some later point, I’ll again get hungry, which I know, because I’m famished right now. My stomach is having actual hunger pains.

It might be hard to regulate because my activity level is inconsistent. I spent hours deep-cleaning the first floor yesterday, and today I’m tired.

One small-scale study has shown that ginger can help suppress appetite, so I’ve ordered some in tincture form to take mixed in water a few times a day. It probably can’t hurt. I’m feeling fully committed to losing the weight this year, but it’s hard to hit a roadblock that isn’t your own fault. Hopefully the ginger will help.

I don’t feel like making the waffles right now, so I guess I’ll eat another Luna protein bar. That’ll ultimately bring me up to 2,000 calories, but what are ya gonna do? I hunger.

6 thoughts on “Pass the food!

  1. I have made protein shakes with a vegan or plant based bnb protein, almond milk and maca powder for 2 yrs now every morning. I’m not a big food person in the morning. Instead, I have trained my body over the yrs to eat more later in the day. I am a total late night snackers, night owl.
    Maca powder is from a Peruvian root that helps with energy and all over women’s health. I order it from Amazon. I highly recommend it.
    Also, you should try yo ke et p you exercise more consistent. That will help you balance everything overall feel. I follow the Mediterranean diet naturally by the foods I enjoy and the healthier fats I choose. Perhaps check that plan put.Good luck my friend!

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      1. You’re welcome!! As far as a great day, not so much unfortunately. We received some bad news yesterday regarding Lincoln’s SSDI that we have been waiting for. Not something I want to disclose here in your comments section. I will survive because that’s who I am. No matter what.

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