My mother’s life is ruined… again.

Well, I went back on the strict diet, and it went fine today. Go me! I’ve eaten around 1,600 calories, which I think is in weight-loss territory. A few minor things went wrong today. Big Woof woke me too early, wanting to go out. Then I fell back asleep but overslept because of the interruption. Nothing major. But then I called my mom, and she was being a Negative Nancy again.Β She had some sort of freak-out over a tax form.

“Did you get your tax form from social security?” she asked me.

“Yes, and so did Codger,” I replied.

“WHAT?! When?”

“A few weeks ago,” I said. “Mine’s on the kitchen–”

“Oh no, my life is ruined!”

I sighed. “Why is your life ruined?”Β Not that I really wanted to know.Β 

“Because I haven’t gotten mine yet. And if I don’t get it, I can’t move back to Maine next month. I have to do my taxes first! And I need my tax forms. Why? Why? Why? Ohh, my life is so horrible.” (I’m sure there’s no law that says you have to do your taxes before moving to a different state. That’s, like, so totally not a thing.)

“Oh,” I said. “I see.” In reality, Mother sets up these situations for herself. She forwarded her mail from her Maine address to here, and that has caused all sorts of needless complications. She’s skilled at creating that sort of situation for herself and then dissolving into it at everyone else’s expense.

“No, you don’t see. You don’t get it. I’m sorry to go on and on about it, but our government is incompetent. They were supposed to call me back, but I couldn’t answer the phone in time.”

She has a point about that. Calling social security is hellish, and I’m not exaggerating. It’s pure hell.

“Yeah, but you enjoy having something to worry about,” I pointed out. “You should be grateful that you don’t have the form.”

“I’ll go check the mail,” she said in a steely voice. “Maybe it’s there today. If not, my life is ruined. Goodbye.” Click.

So I sat there in my living room feeling drained, energy-vampire style. I’d been in a good mood, but then I was tired and rundown. Shouldn’t have called Mother. Big mistake. But with her, you never know what you’re going to get. It’s a toss-up. [Shrug.]

But then I went on to success. I shared my short story on the competition forum, and I need to share it here, too. I had some fun reading other people’s stories and letting them comment on mine. I also worked hard on my find-an-agent spreadsheet. It’s coming together at long last. I’ve got around 143 agencies on my list to submit to, and I’ve been very systematic in my approach. So today has mostly been a huge success.

11 thoughts on “My mother’s life is ruined… again.

  1. You got it my friend. My hope for you is that you can write from this light hearted place that showcases both your wit and intelligence as well as your sense of humor. Go for it and block out the nonsense…I think you get meπŸ˜‰

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    1. Great advice! I finished reading my shadow book like you recommended, and I learned a lot! I’m going to read another self-help book too, once I can fund it. To be completely honest, this January has gone better than any prior January! (That’s either great news, or it’s really, really sad.) πŸ˜€ I also named my shadow side Large Flatulent Marge so that I can have a sense of humor about it rather than dissolving into anger. Woo hoo!!

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      1. I think that’s awesome, it’s all about perspective right? It’s important to name at least recognize all facets of ourselves and then integrate them into ourselves. Getting to the root and learning to recognize our highest self’s voice is a place all of us would like to get to. Good for you Meg, keep going😊

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